Reindeer Rice Cakes

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A rice cake with white chocolate and nutella on top

These Reindeer Rice Cakes are a fun treat to make during Christmas time!

Hello friends! The countdown to Christmas is on! 15 days until Santa comes!

I have enjoyed making different treats this holiday season, especially the kid friendly kinds. I don’t have any kiddos of my own yet, which most of you know, but I know YOU probably have a kiddo or 2 of your own. 

My fiancé recently picked up rice cakes from Costco which means we have A LOT of rice cakes on hand. I love having rice cakes for a snack because they are a great vehicle for peanut butter! (As if I needed another reason to eat peanut butter).

But they are also great to make treats out of too!

You’ll love this recipe because they are:

  • Easy to make
  • Require a few simple ingredients

  • Can be prepped ahead of time

  • Kid-friendly (and adult friendly too of course)

  • Are lower in calories compared to other desserts

  • Taste incredible! 

Growing up my mom was always into crafts.

I always admired how creative she was in the kitchen, with my school projects, Halloween costumes, Christmas ornaments, etc.

As I am getting older, I am realizing I have the creativity bug in me too! No real surprises there, but I love noticing more and more how much I resemble my momma. 

festive holiday rice cakes

What you will need for Reindeer Rice Cakes:

  1. Rice cakes
  2. White chocolate 
  3. Nutella
  4. Candy eyes
  5. Whole pretzels
  6. Something for the nose (fresh cranberry or red MnM works well)

What type of rice cakes should I use?

Plain or lightly salted works best.

What if I don’t have Nutella?

You can melt milk or dark chocolate and use that in place of Nutella. 

What did you use to make the nose?

I used a fresh cranberry. You can use a dried cranberry or a red skittle or MnM too! Anything circular & red works!

Here are some other festive recipes to enjoy this holiday season:

Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake 

Ritz Cracker Christmas Cookies

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

I hope you have fun making this recipe! Enjoy!

A rice cake with white chocolate and nutella on top
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Reindeer Rice Cakes

These Reindeer Rice Cakes have simple ingredients and are super easy to make! Fun for kids and can easily be a make ahead dessert for a party!
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 rice cakes


  • 2 rice cakes
  • 1/3 cup white chocolate chips
  • 2 Tbsp. Nutella
  • 4 pretzels
  • Candy eyes
  • Fresh cranberry for the nose


  • In a microwavable safe dish, melt the white chocolate and Nutella for 1 minute, at 30 second intervals. Stirring in between.
  • Spread about a Tbsp. or so onto your rice cake. Place pretzels on for the ears, add the eyes and nose. That’s it! Enjoy!
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festive holiday rice cakes

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4 years ago

These are soooo cute! Ransom will love these!

4 years ago

This is the cutest thing ever!

Caitlyn Erhardt
4 years ago

Love these! My son would be obsessed with these. So cute!

4 years ago

These are adorable! And so cool they’re on rice cakes. I’d eat Nutella on almost anything, but this happens to be a fantastic, healthy choice. And so much fun for kiddos! Happy Holidays!

4 years ago

I love this. I could do this with my niece while she is out for the holidays, I know she would love to make it.

4 years ago

These are the cutest snacks! So simple to make and such a tasty combo!

4 years ago

These are adorable! I’m pinning this for a school treat for my kids.

4 years ago

Oh my goodness! What a fun idea! My girls would love this .

maria CLosetohome
4 years ago

Even though my kids are older, they would think these are the best. How can you say no to Nutella

4 years ago

These are too cute. My son loves rice cakes, this is perfect for him

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